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Gau Sanjeevani - Nandini Herbal Soap
  • Gau Sanjeevani - Nandini Herbal Soap

Keshav Srushti Gau Sanjeevani - Nandini Herbal Soap

Gausanjeevani Nandini Herbal Soap 100% Traditional Gaumaya Herbal Bath.

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Gausanjeevani Nandini Herbal soaps contain the natural goodness of nature, and this makes them nourishing for your skin. It offers comfort, healing and stress relief as well.

Nandini Herbal soaps have a strong impact on the skin,in terms of making it soft, smooth and supple. On the other hand, chemical soaps are full of damaging substances that can harm your skin as well as your health. The multiple benefits of herbal soaps make them the right choice for those who want to access better skin care and optimal health outcomes. What makes healthy herbal soaps a better option? From the scent to the therapeutic value and the aromatic benefits to medicinal properties that heal, soothe and rejuvenate the skin, there are many benefits. Skin can become young, and blemish-free if you use these herbal soaps. So, choose herbal and go natural for the best impact possible. After all, soaps that let your skin breathe and tap the healing power of herbs should be a natural choice.

Because of properties such as relief from tension and the healing power of herbal soaps, the benefits are there in plenty for those  seeking to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

The notion that soaps have dangerous chemicals in them is not well known by people. But it is a fact nonetheless. These chemicals can be drying and lead to skin allergies as well. Aiding infections and exacerbating skin diseases, these chemical soaps also clog the pores of the skin and hamper the cells from breathing.

Herbal soaps are 100 percent organic and offer plant extracts which contain important oils. When extracted with steam distillation or cool compression, they add to skincare benefits still further. They are suited for aromatherapy as well therefore, they soothe the body and mind.

Ingredients -

Fresh Cow dung   800 mg, Gaumutra Arka  400 mg,Neem Patra 80 mg, Shekakai 40 mg,Mehendi Patra 40 mg,Tulsi Panchang  40 mg Manjistha 40 mg,Daru Haldi  40 mg,Raktarohida 40 mg,Yashimadhu  20 mg,Harda 20 mg,Behada 20 mg Amla 20 mg

A product by Keshav Srushti Gau Sanjeevani.

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Keshav Srushti Gau Sanjeevani - Nandini Herbal Soap

nice Herbal Bath.<br /> <br />

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Keshav Srushti Gau Sanjeevani - Nandini Herbal Soap

very nice for our body

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