Charak - Arthrella Oil
  • Charak - Arthrella Oil

Charak - Arthrella Oil

 Oil for Pain and Inflammation in joint pain and arthritis

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  • 50 ml

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Arthrella oil is a potent topical antii-nflammatory, analgesic and counter-irritant. The ingredients of Arthrella oil are powerfull oil base Nirgundi Oil, camphor oil, Wintergreen Oil, Bala oil are counter-irritants, help relieve pain immediately, Analgesic, antiinflammatory. with nutritive properties and helps strengthen the muscles.  Arthrella Oil helps reduces & relieve pain, restores joint mobility instantly and Inflammation


  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Joint stiffness and swelling
  • Morning stiffness
  • Nonarticular rheumatism
  • Painful jointa
  • Polymyalgia
  • Retards joint destruction
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Soft tissue rheumatism
  • Sedative and analgesic
  • Swollen joints

Effect on Tridosha

It balances all inflamed dosha.

Dose/How to Use

Apply 5 to 10 ml of oil massage gently with circular movements on affected area, or as advised by your doctor

Side Effects

There are no side effect of this products


Bala oil , Karpur, Pudina phool, Nirgundi, Oil of Gaultheria, Nirgundi oil

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External Application
Container Material
Non Breakable Plastic
Dosage Forms
Pathy - चिकित्सा
Useful for
Bones and Joints
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pain relif oil

it give relax for me

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