Dabur - Lal Tail

Excellent Ayurvedic massage oil for babies to make them healthy and active.

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Baby massage or Abhyanga is an ancient custom in India since the ashram culture of India and well written in Sushruta, Charak and Sharangdhar texts. Dabur Lal Oil is considered to provide many physical and emotional benefits to the growing child. Its massage helps in strengthening baby's Sapta Dhatus i.e. bones and muscles. These include reduced stress levels, improved bonding between parents and child, the development of healthy sleep patterns, and promotion of skin health. According to Ayurveda, baby massage may continue until the child is old enough to perform self-massage, or Abhyanga, in inducing better sleeping pattern in neonates and infants, which is very important for a Baby’s development.


  • Aiding growth and development of infants
  • Baby Complexion
  • Enhancing the Blood Circulation and respiratory system
  • Enhance relaxation enabling Sleeping pattern of Baby
  • Healthy muscle tone and Baby Hair Oil
  • Improves digestion
  • Mild and cooling oil for full body massage        
  • Relieves muscular tension
  • Helps to reduce skin irritations and rejuvenates the skin
  • Nourishes and soothes the skin and revitalize the whole Body

Effect on Tridosha

Pacifies Vatta Dosha

Dose/ How to Use

Apply Dabur Lal Tail on the whole body in the night before sleeping or about 1 hour before taking bath or It can be Massaged twice a day in the morning before bath or in Night while Sleeping or as directed by your Doctor.

For External use only.

Side Effects

There are no side effects of this product.


Shankhpushpi, Masha (black lentil or Urad Dal) (Phaseolus Mungo) , Ratanjot (Alkanet) (Alkanna Tinctoria Tanscher), Karpura – Cinnamomum Camphora, N&E, leaves, Satva , Sarala Taila (Pinus Longifolia Roxb.) Sapwood, volatile oil , Tila Tail(sesame oil) Sesamum Indicum, seed, oil Q.S. to 100 ml

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Pathy - चिकित्सा
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Dabur - Lal Tail

good product. i use it regular

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