Childhood is defined as Balya Avastha as per Ayurveda, Balya Avastha is described by Kaumarbhartiya, Charaka, Vagbhatta literature deals elaborately the three doshas or mind-body principles,  Balance in the Child and Mother body of three dosha’s Vatta, Pitta & Kapha Dosha but Balya avastha, which is the first stage, is governed by kapha dosha.  Are the crux for Health of Infant and Child is based on Health of Mother too much because; During pregnancy as well as after birth and till breast feeding lasts child is dependent on mother. Deficiency or Negation of Nutritious Food, Fruits, Vegetables etc. Mother during above said period, shall definitely affect Growth and Development of Child. Mental growth which helps in strengthening power of intellect is very rapid from intrauterine life (pregnancy) till the age of 2 yr after birth. In case proper nutrition is not available to foetus and later during infancy, the mental growth shall be slower proportionately to the nutrition. The child may look healthy physically if gets proper diet in later life but memory, knowledge and importance to capacity shall remain lower than expected

Swasthyashailee has the range of product right from Conception to Delivery of the baby and Balya Avastha. Which include internal as well external medication, meditation, literature etc. for Pregnancy, growth of baby mentally, emotionally. Enjoy your pregnancy with Abundance Diet, Exercise & Your Doctor consultation.

Childhood is about growth, building new tissue, accumulating body mass, and rapidly increasing the weight of the physical body as it grows. The body needs a tremendous amount of kapha in order to pull this off. In other words, the rapid growth and development, the constant generation of new cells and tissues that characterizes childhood, is a process that is inherently governed by kapha. There is an elegant intelligence in buffering the body with extra kapha during this stage of life.

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