Our ancient Ayurvedic literature deals elaborately the three doshas or mind-body principles, Balance in the Child and Mother body of three dosha’s like Vatta, Pitta & Kapha are the crux of with the emotional and nutritional needs of the pregnant mother.

To ensure proper growth and development of the foetus. Since the mind of the foetus starts being expressed in the fifth month of pregnancy and the intellect in the sixth month , a pregnant mother should adhere to a satvik diet which includes food that is grown, prepared and consumed in a natural form and also food which is less processed, easy to digest, warm and unctuous.

Swasthyashailee has the range of product right from Conception to Delivery of the baby. Which include internal as well external medication, meditation, literature etc. for Pregnancy, Lactation, Post pregnancy. Enjoy your pregnancy with Diet, Exercise & Your Doctor consultation.


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