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Nagarjun Pharma - Abhayadi  Kashaya
  • Nagarjun Pharma - Abhayadi  Kashaya

Nagarjun Pharma - Abhayadi Kashaya

Abhaya means Hareetaki. Hareetaki alone or in various combinations has the ability to cure several ill health conditions.

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Abhaya chatussama vati is a unique combination of four drugs and ultimately remains as Tridoshahara in nature.  

This formulation is very specific as the formulation works out well in both the cases like constipation and diarrhoea. Hence it is very beneficial in the treatment of Grahani vis –  a –  vis Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

In the habitual constipation of the old aged people this formulation has significant benefit. The patients who are recovered by ascitis are usually having the digestive disturbances irrespective of the system of medicine they use. Also those with drug induced hepatic toxicity are benefitted by this formulation in good way. If the bowel is not well formed in such incidences the formulation can be advised during the night followed with the Barley water (along with well cooked barley)

Dose – Classical dosage is 12 gram.But in practice 1 – 2 gram is administered. If the individual is of Krura koshtha and possesses enough body strength, this can be administered till 5 – 6 gram at a time. According to the condition, this yoga can be prescribed twice or thrice in a day.

 Custtomer Care No-  02764-292674/75

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Nagarjun Pharma - Abhayadi Kashaya

Abhayadi Kashaya is effective on constipation

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