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  • Divisa Herbal - Pet Saffa

Divisa Herbal - Pet Saffa

Pet Saffa Laxative by Divisa Lab's

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The major root cause of most health problems arises from weak and poor digestive system. which may cause to constipation and further other disease.

Pet Saffa is a unique formulation by Divisa for Constipation, inhibiting its proper functioning. Nowadays people keep on working and they have trouble of Constipation. Where in there stomach is not clear and this results in Gastric problems, Acidity, Vomiting, Nausea, uneasiness. This kind of problem generally people hesitate to discuss with others. So the solution is to clean your Colon or Detox it by using Petsafa it helps clean Bowel movement.  Petsaffa Powder is a Sugar free so it can be taken by Diabetic patients also.

To Know the basic reason of Constipation is a disease caused by Vitiation of Vata Dosha. Constipation caused due to High Pitta Dosha is categorized as Dry Stool, Constipation occurs with vata's cold and dry qualities disturb the colon, While High Kapha Dosha turns to pain in passing out feces.

Effect on Tridosha

Help Pacifies Vata and Kapha Dosha


  • Dry Bowel Movement
  • Diarrhea- a blockage that only allows liquid to pass
  • Heart Burn
  • Infrequent or difficult Bowel Movement
  • Lower abdominal Discomfort or Pain
  • Physiological obsession & distress with having bowel movement
  • Small & hard stools
  • Smooth Passing of stool
  • Vomiting, feeling uncomfortable & sluggish
  • Vomiting, Nausea and Weight loss


Two teaspoon with a cup of Luke warm while going to bed in Night.


Ajwain,  Amaltash, Bellirica & Emblica officinalis, Castor Oil, Haritaki, Ispaghula, Jeera,  Senna, Triphala, Svarjiksara,  Saunf,  Sunth,  Nisot.

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Very Good For Constipation

Petsaffa is Good Laxataive for Constipation my father In law had a good result for this.

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