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Classic Ayurveda - Mint Powder
  • Classic Ayurveda - Mint Powder

Classic Ayurveda - Mint Powder

Mint Powder is an all purpose herb good to taste and great for health

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Mint Powder is an all purpose herb good to taste and great for health. The principle component of the herb is peppermint oil.  It is safe to use and consumed in many forms in day to day life.

One of the most common uses of mint leaves is mint tea. There are a lot of benefits of mint leaves and hot water. The fact that mint tea is a product of mint leaves in hot water makes it a plus point.Dried Mint Powder also good for skin.

Let us first know the health benefits of mint tea

Peppermint Tea For Weight Loss

Mint leaves have a lot of benefits for weight loss. Dried Mint powder tea is said to reduce overall calorie consumption and also remove toxins from the body hence leading to weight loss. Mint has anti-oxidant properties when mixed with hot water it passes this property to the mint tea that enhances weight loss. Immunity system- Mint tea is known to boost immunity system.Mint For Stomach Healer

Mint is a stomach healer as it controls irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, stomach aches, diarrhea or constipation

Mint for Stress

Mint gives relieve from stress. Peppermint tea before bed can relieve stress and help in inducing sleep. The taste and smell of peppermint also help to sleep.

Mint Leaves Reduce Bad Breath

Mint having an aromatic fragrance helps to remove bad breath. This is one of the key fresh mint tea benefits. Mint is an excellent herb that has been used from hundreds of years for its remarkable medicinal properties, and for refreshing and invigorating the breathe.

Peppermint Tea For Fever and cough

Peppermint tea gives a lot of comforts when consumed during fever or a cough. Its antibacterial and antiviral properties prevent and heal colds and flu, as peppermint soothes muscle aches, alleviates coughs, and opens nasal passageways.

Mint Leaves Harmful For Gastroesophageal Reflux Patients

Mint tea can be harmful to gastroesophageal reflux patients because it may increase the symptoms

Mint Leaves for Digestion

Mint leaves are known to soothe digestive tract and also make it easier to eliminate gas and improve digestion. Mint is cooling carminative that helps to relieve pain in the digestive tract by removing gas.

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