Natural Agro - Stevia Powder
  • Natural Agro - Stevia Powder

Natural Agro - Stevia Powder

Natural Agro Stevia Powder are having medicinal properties in the plant itself that lend to its incredible health benefits

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 Natural Agro Stevia it’s an herbal plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family, which means it’s related to ragweed, chrysanthemums and marogolds Stevia rebaudiana is the most prized variety of stevia, and the cultivate used for production of edible stevia products

5 Health Benefits of Stevia Powder

1. Anticancer Abilities

Stevia consumption to breast cancer reduction. It was observed that stevioside enhances cancer apoptosis and decreases certain stress pathways in the body that contribute to cancer growth.

2. Sweet News for Diabetics

Using stevia instead of white sugar can be extremely helpful to diabetics who need to avoid conventional sugar as much as possible on a diabetic diet plan and having stevia before a meal reduced after-meal blood glucose and insulin levels, and was unaffected by other reductions in the calories consumed

3. Supports Weight Loss

Stevia is a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener. If you choose to replace health-hazardous table sugar with a high-quality stevia extract and use it in moderation, it can help you decrease not only your overall daily sugar intake, but also your caloric intake. By keeping your sugar and calorie intake in a healthy range

4. Improves Cholesterol Levels

The stevia extract had “positive and encouraging effects” on overall cholesterol profiles. It’s important to note that researchers also found that there were no adverse stevia side effects on the health status of the subjects involved in this stevia study.

5. Lowers High Blood Pressure

Certain glycosides in stevia extract have been found to dilate blood and vessels increase sodium excretion, two things that are very helpful to keeping blood pressure at a healthy levels.

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