Swasthyashailee - Field Beans (Kadve Vaal)
  • Swasthyashailee - Field Beans (Kadve Vaal)

Go Swasthya - Field Beans (Kadve Vaal)

Famous lentils grown naturally, cleaned and hygienically packed.

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Kadva Vaal also known as Field Beans, Lima Beans, Fava Beans, this is popular beans mainly used in Konkan Area of Maharashtra. Though used all over world in Chinese and Arabic cuisine also.  Due to its starchy structure after cooking it is also called butter beans. It is ideal accompaniment to many dishes with its delicate flavour.

Vaal is popular in China in Schezuan cuisine. Also used as a breakfast item in Arabic cuisine

It has rich fibre content which it makes you feel fuller for longer time. This also aids in weight loss and controlling diabetes


  • Source of Protein
  • Source of Vitamins A, B complex, C and E
  • Source of Dietary Fibre
  • Source of dietray fibre
  • Protection against cancer
  • Benefits for Diabetic patients

Effects on Tridosha

It balances Pitta and Vata.

Dose/How to use

Use after soaking and cook like any other vegetables just the way you like it.

Side Effects

There are no side effects of this products


Cleaned, sorted Vaal beans or field beans

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