Swasthyashailee - ZBNF Mung Dal
  • Swasthyashailee - ZBNF Mung Dal

Swasthyashailee - ZBNF Mung Dal

Swasthyashailee ZBNF Mung beans are rich in vitamins and minerals.

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  • 500 gm

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Swasthyashailee was started with the objective of providing options for "healthy foods" that are grown in an absolutely natural process (ZBNF method of farming).

Why ZBNF? What is ZBNF?

  • ZBNF are set of natural farming method.
  • No chemical, fertilizer, pesticides, bio-fertilizers or vermicompost used
  • Only these four steps; seed treatment,microbial culture, mulching and soil aeration.
  • It is different from organic farming.

Swasthyashailee ZBNF Mung Dal is considered to be a healthiest in the world of beans.Monf dal is packed with protein and low on carbs, moong dal is one of the most recommended vegetarian super-food

Amazing Benefits of Mung dal.

1. Make you look Young: The scientific reasoning for this benefit is that moong dal contains copper, which is a powerful anti-ageing agent and which helps in reducing wrinkles, vanishing, age spots and lightening age lines from your skin

2.Gives you Strong Bones: The natural calcium supplement present in the moong dal can help you in strengthening your bones. Consumption of Moong dal improves your bone health and can save you from all kinds of fractures.

3. Protects your Liver: One of the most important parts of your body is liver. Surprisingly, intake of mung dal beans can act as a protective shield on your liver and protect it from any damage

4.Improvises Your Eye Sight: As the shape suggests, the eye-shaped mung beans are very useful for the eye-sight. The beans are stuffed with Vitamin C, which is a natural anti-oxidant and helps the retina to maintain its flexibility.

5.Gives you a Good Oral Health: Mung Dal is a set of packed nutrients and along with the presence of calcium and fibre, it also contains sodium, which is considered to be master of all gums and teeth related problems

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natural grain

this is natural mung dal we use it in our food

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