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Nagarjun Pharma -Dadimadya Ghritam

Dadimadi Ghrita is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal ghee form

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This medicine has ghee as its base. It is used for preparatory procedure for Panchakarma and also as medicine. Dadimadi refers to pomegranate. Ayurveda explains pomegranate benefits in utmost detail. ,It is the main ingredient of this medicine. It is also known as Dasdimadi Ghrit, Dadimadi ghritam, Dadimadi Ghritham etc.

Dadimadi Ghrita benefits: 
It is widely used as medicine and also in preparatory procedure called snehakarma for the treatment of heart diseases, anemia, piles, spleen diseases, cough and asthma. Good for all vayu ailments in the abdomen.
It is also used in the treatment of infertility in women.
In pregnant mother, it is given to improve the chances and ease of normal delivery.

Benefits mentioned as per the traditional reference:
Deepana – improves digestion strength
Hrudroga – Cardiac disorders
Pandu – Anemia, initial stages of liver disorders
Arsha – Hemorrhoids
Gulma – abdominal tumor, distension
Pleeha – Spleen related disorders, splenomegaly
Shwasa – asthma, respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing
Kasa – cold, cough

Dadimadi Ghrita Side Effects: 
There are no known side effects with this medicine. However it is best to use this product under medical supervision. Self medication with this medicine is discouraged.
People with diabetes, high cholesterol, heart diseases and high BP should exercise precaution.
In very high dose, it may cause diarrhoea and indigestion.

Dadimadi Ghrita Ingredients: 
Dadima – Pomegranate – Punica granatum – 192 g
Dhanya – Coriander – 96 g
Chitraka – Plumbago zeylanica – 48 g
Shringavera – ginger – 48 g
Pippali – Long pepper – 24 g
Ghrita – ghee – 960 g
water – 3.072 liters

  Custtomer Care No-  02764-292674/75

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Ghruta, Medicated Ghee, Ghee, Ghrita, Ghritam, Ghrutam
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Heart care
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Ghritam ghee form

it improve digestion strength

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