Ratnavihar- Amla Syrup
  • Ratnavihar- Amla Syrup

Ratnavihar- Amla Syrup

Ratnavihar Amla Syrup No preservative No added Flavor. 100% Natural

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  • 500 ml

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Amla is one of high medicinal value fruits which constitutes following

* Vitamin C, Vitamin B,  Fibre,  Calcium,  Phosphorus,  Iron, Carotene,  Gallic acid,  Ellagic acid

Amla is processed further and one of the popular by-products is Amla Sharbat / Juice. various medicinal benefits make Amla Sharbat a valuable health drink

Lowers Cholesterol Levels, Reduces Acidity Levels, Controls Diabetes, Improves Respiratory Health,  Aids in Digestion,  Promotes Liver Function, Prevents Aging, Improves Heart Health,   Boost Immunity  Prevents Cancer, Assists Weight Loss

Ratnavihar Amla Sharbat contents quality Amla and Ginger. Our hygienic and scientific process retains the natural taste and medicinal properties of Amla that offer a tasty and healthy drink to you.

Ingredients: Awala Juice, Sugar, Water, Salt, Ginger.

Usage: Shake Well before use, add 5 parts of water for 1 part of Syrup

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Amla Syrup

I get number of health benefits with this syrup its natural and very good for health.

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