Aimil - Neeri Syrup
  • Aimil - Neeri Syrup

Aimil - Neeri Syrup

Aimil Neeri Syrup for Kidney Stone and Urinary Infection

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Aimil Neeri Syrup is a poly-herbal Ayurvedic proprietary formulation to normalize the deviated functioning of kidneys either because of metabolism or due to chronic infection or due to any other cause. Neeri by virtue of multi-mechanism from synergistic actions fulfills all the objectives for corrective and preventive management of urinary issues from small itching or burning sensation in urine to the chaotic or turbid urine with occult blood with painful conditions Neeri is also useful to the senior males having propulsion or uncomfortable or painful condition throughout micturition; thereby Neeri Syrup tends to “Resolves & Dissolves Urinary Problems”.

Indications -
  1. Calculi, Recurrent Calculi
  2. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  3. Recurrent UTI
  4. Dribbling & Burning during Mituration
  5. Urine with Occult Blood
  6. Painful Urination (Dysuria)
  7. Benign Proatate Hyperplasia (BPH)


 Daruharidra (Berberis aristata DC.), Pashanbhed (Bergenia ligulata), Punernava (Boerhavia diffusa L.), Palash (Butea monosperma), Varun (Crataeva nurvala Conc.), Sahdevi (Vernonia cinerea), Apamarga (Achyranthes aspera L.), Gokhru (Tribulus terrestis L), Shilajeet Sudh (Purified Black Bitumen), Lajjalu (Mimosa pudica L.), Yavakshar (Hordeum vulgare), Mooli (Raphanus sativus), Sheetal Chini (Piper cubeba), Saindha Namak (Sodii chloridum ), Ikshu (Saccharum officinarum L.), Kultha (Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verdc), Makoya (Solanum nigrum L), Chharilla (Parmelia perlata), Samunder Namak (Powder) (Sea Salt), Aak (Calotropis procera,(Aiton) Dryand).

Dosage -


Tablets: 2 tablets thrice a day

Syrup: 2 teaspoonful twice a day

Children (6-12 yrs.): 

Tablets: 1 tablet twice a day

Syrup: 1 teaspoonful thrice a day

Continue the treatment for 1 – 3 months till complete relief.

Customer Care No - +91-11-25701203

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Kidney Care
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Urinary Care

Aimil Neeri Syrup helps to normalise the deviated functioning of kidneys. Neeri prevents urinary problems from small itching or burning sensation in urination to the chaotic or turbid urine with occult blood with painful conditions. It is also helpful to the elderly males having dribbling conditions.

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