Alarsin - Aluretic Tablets
  • Alarsin - Aluretic Tablets

Alarsin - Aluretic Tablets

Ayurvedic Diuretic to relieve from swellings and water retention

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Any kind of swelling is due to water deposit in that area. Many a times there is water retention in many organs due to many reasons like hormonal imbalances.Diuretic is a medicine which encourages more formation of urine and reduces the swelling gradually giving relief.It carries immense importance in kidney function. Alarsin presents Aluretic  This diuretic effect lasts for 5-6 hours. Safe Smooth, & Sustained diuresis. It increases output of urine without causing strain or adverse effect on kidneys. Improves functions of kidney, heart, liver & lungs. Regulates urine elimination & excetory functions.


  • Oedema/Swelling: Mild to Moderate
  • Renal : Insufficiency, Malfunction, Nephritis
  • Cardiac: Mild to moderate High B.P., congestive heart failure
  • Pulmonary congestion Oedema : postural, anaemic
  • Routine Use: Iiopathic oedema, late middle & old age when kidney function is diminished. For short term reduction of introcular pressure, particularly pre-operative and post-operative

Effects on Tridosha

It balances all doshas.

1-2 tablets at a time. Maximum 6 tabs. in 24 hours in divided doses. Last dose not to be given late in the evening particularly during initiation of treatement. (Interval between two doses is to be adjusted as per individual requirements)

Side Effects

There are no side effects of this product. Follow your physician's advice


Shilajit, Haritaki, Guggul, Suntha,Daruharidra,Ikshu Mool, Punarnava, Jeshti Madha, Ananta Mool, Saunf, Deodar, Bharangi Mool, Gokshura, Kala Kadu, Patola, Haldi, Nirgundi, Nim Pan, Amala, Pashanbheda, Dusparsha, Eranda Mool, Vidanga, Apamarga, Sahianjan, Kavach Mool, Shankapushpi, Guduchi Ghan,

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Pathy - चिकित्सा
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Kidney Care
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Alarsin - Aluretic Tablets

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