Allenayur Herbals - Livosin DS
  • Allenayur Herbals - Livosin DS

Allenayur Herbals - Livosin DS

Allenayur Herbals - Livosin DS is an ayurvedic safe,effetive, preventive and protective liver tonic. Protect liver and safe life.

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  • 200 ml

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Livosin DS protects liver against various hepatotoxins. Improves liver and stomach functions. Promotes appetite, reduces gas, acidity & heart burn. Corrects habitual constipation. Indicated in fatty liver and alcohol induced toxicity.

The liver is the most important and very vital organ that natures and protects body.It has more than 500 functions like cleaning many toxins form the body,synthesis, storage etc.It cleanses many toxins from the body synthesizes and regulates essential hormones, cholestrol levels, vitamins minerals caobohydrates, fat and protien metobolism. It is involved in the production and secretion of bile. Its is involved in the production and secretion of bite. Its Stores the fat soluble vitamins and glycogen to produce energy for the body. It purifies blood and regulates blood clothing.Irregular food habits of modern lifestyle, alcohol consumption, regular use of certain drugs, etc may cause liver malfunctions.

Product Composition

Each 5ml contains water ext. of : Bhuiamla 100 mg, Gulancha 100 mg, Bhrngaraja 100 mg, Pittapapada 100 mg, Amalaki 100 mg, Haritaki 100 mg, Bohera 100 mg, Sonapata 150 mg, Arjuna 50 mg, Kalmegh 50 mg, Kulekhara 50 mg, Ashshoura 50 mg, Jau 50 mg, Randhuni 25 mg, Aswagandha 25 mg, Dhania 25 mg, Yastimadhu 25 mg, Anantamul 25 mg, Kakamachi 25 mg, Kasni 25 mg, Punarnava 25 mg, Daruharidra 25 mg, Nimba 25 mg, Rohitaka 25 mg, Kurchi 25 mg, Himsra 25 mg, Nagarmotha 25 mg, Aloevera 25 mg, Ghosalata 25 mg, Brahmi 25 mg, Jhavuka 15 mg, Biranjasif 15 mg, Chitraka 15 mg, Sunthi 10 mg, Papaya/Papain 10 mg, Ajowan Arak/Thymol 10 mg, Hing 2.5 mg, Pudinah/Menthol 2.5 mg, Malt Extract 250 mg, Caramel 25 mg, Excipients q.s., Purified Water q.s to 5 ml, Preservatives : (Sod. Benzoate, Sod. Methyl Paraben, Sod. Propyl Paraben, Bronopol)

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Container Material
Breakable Plastic
Dosage Forms
Pathy - चिकित्सा
Useful for
Liver and Spleen
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