Dabur - Punarnava Mandur
  • Dabur - Punarnava Mandur

Dabur - Punarnava Mandur

Dabur Punarnava Mandoor treat diseases like anaemia, edema, jaundice & liver, and spleen disorders.

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Dabur Punarnava Mandoor is an ayurvedic formulated product, which can be used to treat diseases like anemia, edema, jaundice and the disorders associated with liver, and spleen.

Punarnava or Hog Weed Punarnava is found throughout India. It is a very important plant for urinary system. It is a wonderful natural diuretic. Mandoora (Ferric oxide) or loha bhasma is purified and boiled in cow's urine till it becomes a thick liquid like consistency. Ayurveda considers herbal diuretics as an effective solution for people looking to lose weight, hence it is used for weight loss also. It is mainly used in the treatment of anaemia, splenomegaly, piles, fever etc. 

Also called as Punarnava Mandura or Punarnava Mandoor

Effect on Tridosha

It helps to balance Pitta and Kapha. 


  • Anemia – Pandu roga  
  • Chronic fever
  • Dermatitis
  • Diuretic and is useful in renal disorders
  • To treat endotoxins accumulation.
  • Gout- Vata Rakta
  • Hemorrhoids- Arsha Shoola
  • Infectious skin diseases
  • Kamala – Jaundice
  • Kafa- Cough
  • Krumi – Worms – Helminthiasis
  • Malabsorption syndrome
  • Odema – Edema  is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the interstitium
  • Pleehodara – Fatty Liver 
  • Shwasa – Respiratory Disease
  • Splenomegaly
  • Swelling around Joints - Inflammatory conditions
  • Udara – Ascites
  • Yakrutodara – Liver related disease


1 – 2 Tablets twice a day before meal with buttermilk, Punarnavasava, Kumari Asava, Ghruta or lukewarm  water or as directed by your doctor.

 Side effects

There are no known side effects of this product.

It is best to take this medicine with doctors suggestion only in case of pregnancy, lactation for children.

This medicine can be safely taken for up to 4 – 6 months.

Very high dose especially with pitta body (prakruti) person may cause acidity, allergic reaction, heartburn, stomach or abdominal pain, indigestion, belching(burping), upset stomach.


Cavya 2.17mg, Citraka 2.17mg, Danti 2.17mg, Daruharidra 2.17mg , Devadaru 2.17mg, Haridra 2.17mg, Indrayava 2.17mg, Mandura bhasma 86.64mg, Musta 2.17mg, Pippali 2.17mg, Pippalimula 2.17mg, Puskara 2.17mg, Raktapunarnava 2.17mg, Tivrt 2.17mg, Triphala 6.51mg, Trikatu 6.51mg, Vidanga 2.17mg, Excipient Q. S.

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Pathy - चिकित्सा
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Dabur - Punarnava Mandur

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