Natural Agro - Herbal Ubtan
  • Natural Agro - Herbal Ubtan

Natural Agro - Herbal Ubtan

Natural Agro  herbal Utne  bath powder is  clean,enrich your skin,and nourishes the skin.

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Natural Agro Homemade Ubtans, Oils, Keshkalps (Hair packs) and bath powders are prepared and used in Indian homes since time immemorial, although the busy and competitive life of present day changed the scenario and such things have now been reserved only for festivities and ceremonies yet the rituals are still alive and celebrated time and again with full zest.

“Utane” as its called in marathi or “Ubtan” in Hindi is a combination of herbs and spices that cleanses and nourishes the skin leaving it radiant and smooth. It is mixed with fragrant oils,rose water or milk and applied all over the body. You do not need any soap with this, the herbal bath powder is just enough to clean and enrich your skin.

Benefits Of Using Natural Homemade Herbal Bath Powder – Ubtan on Skin.

Masoor dal is known for its skin brightening properties, Camphor and Vetiver adds fragrance and soothing effect. Vetiver also helps is reducing the appearance of dark spots and will also deals acne due to its antiseptic properties. Rose petals makes the bestows glow to the skin, Orange Peel powder removes spots and provides even tone to the skin.

The Ingredients

Red Lentil Flour (Moong Dal powder / ata) 250 gms

Sandal Wood Powder (Chandan Powder) 25 gms

Turmeric Powder (Ambe Haldi Powder) 5 gms

Camphor (Kaphoor ) 5 gms

Manjhiostha powder 25 gms

Orange Peel Powder 100 gms

Rose Petals Crushed  1 tbsp

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Herbal Utne

i use this and my skin glow

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