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Godant Bhasma has following benefits:    Lowers Fever.    Alleviates Joint Pain.    Strengthens Bones.    Useful in Leucorrhea.Godanti Bhasma has a crucial role in ayurvedic practice because it acts as PARACETAMOL...

₹ 50.00

Godant Bhasma has following benefits:

    Lowers Fever.
    Alleviates Joint Pain.
    Strengthens Bones.
    Useful in Leucorrhea.

Godanti Bhasma has a crucial role in ayurvedic practice because it acts as PARACETAMOL and lowers fever immediately. Its effects appear within 30 minutes to 2 hours in fever and headache.

The main action of Godanti Bhasma is on brain, blood vessels and lungs. It is well known in ayurvedic world for the management of fever and infections. Let us discuss about its medicinal uses and health benefits.
Fever (several origins)

Fever may have many causes, but Godanti bhasma is given to every patient to lower the temperature. It is generally used with Mahasudarshan churna or Mahasudarshan Ghan Vati for reducing fever. Sometimes, praval pisthi also require getting instant results especially when patient also complain about severe body pains and restlessness.
Typhoid fever

Godanti Bhasma prepared with Juice of Neem Leaves is beneficial in typhoid fever. In acute phase, when patient has high fever, it can be used for seven days with other ayurvedic medicines.

Dosage & Administration

Godanti bhasma dosage varies from 125 mg to 1 gram depending on the health condition and age of the patient.

Dosage Table

Age Single Dosage
0 to 3 Months 65 mg to 125 mg
3 Months to 1 year 125 mg to 175 mg
1 year to 5 years 125 mg to 250 mg
Above 5 years 250 mg to 500 mg
Adults 500 mg to 1 gram

The total dosage of godanti bhasma should not exceed from 2 grams per day in adults and 1 grams mg in children.