Just Eat - Til Nut Byte
  • Just Eat - Til Nut Byte

Just Eat - Til Nut Byte

Just Eat Til Nut Byte its natural, healthy and tasty 

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Til Nut Byte are rich in Energy and protein.They contain natural fibre and minerals. There is no preservatives, no artificial colours, flavours and no refrigeration.Shelf Life are of 3 to 6 months. 

Ghee has vitamin K2 which helps calcium to be absorbed in bones, which makes your bones stronger and gives you strength. Ghee and Jaggery is a very good anti dose for stomach problems.The benefits of Til are not just culinary, but this nutrient-dense condiment is good for our body as well. Til include a combination of vitamins and minerals and are one of the healthiest foods in the world Peanuts are as popular as they are healthy. They're an excellent plant-based source of protein and high in various vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds. They can be useful for weight loss diet and may reduce your risk of both heart disease


Til,Peanuts, Jaggery, Pure Cow Ghee

Flavours :Til and Peanut

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healty eat

use natural ingredient in this product

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til nut bite

every bite is healthy bite. and use all natural items in this product.

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