Gavyatej - Face Pack
  • Gavyatej - Face Pack

Gavyatej - Face Pack

Gavyatej Face Pack gives you a natural fairness and freshness glow. Its smoothen your skin. 

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Ayurveda is one of the oldest alternate medicinal systems of natural healing for all diseases and skin problems. Gavyatej Face Pack are made of natural herbs,extracts as they are found to be gentle on the face care, skin and hair. Even the healthiest and glowing skin in, an individual has the benefit of boosting confidence. People are getting wrinkles and dark spots at a very early age. The reason behind it is due to the use of harmful cosmetics.

Gavyatej Face Pack gives you a natural fairness and freshness glow. Its smoothen your skin. It makes a skin free from pimple,wrinkle,dark spot and dark circles. In this Gavyatej Face Pack there is no chemicals which harm your skin.It makes your skin younger and fresh.So if you are looking for some traditional and natural ways to make your skin glow, then look no further than these Gavyatej Face Pack. It is natural, safe and versatile, making your skin beautiful and healthy at the same time.Ayurvedic face pack are natural and do not irritate your skin.

Ingredients -

Multani mati,halad, korfad, shatavari, harad,vekhand shudh gehu, kapur and gaumaya bhasma.

How to Apply :

One tea spoon face pack and add one spoon curd.Add this together and mixed it well.Apply this on your face as a lep and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes.Then massage your face and wash it with water for having a glowing skin.This process helps remove dead cells and leave you with nourished and clear skin

घटक - मुलतानी माती,हळद,कोरफड,शतावरी, हरद, वेखंड शुद्ध गेहू,कापूर भामिसेंनी व गोमय भस्म.

कसे वापरावे - (एक चमचा (छोटा) फेस पेक व एक चमचा दही एकत्रं करून लेप बनवावा व तो चेहेरेवर लावावा कोरडा झाल्यावर साधारण १५ ते २० मिंट ने हलका मसाज करत सध्या पाण्याने धुवून टाकावा

फायदे - चेहेराला मिळतो एक नेसर्गिक फ्रेशनेस ग्लो आणि चेहेरा महू होऊन चेहेरेवरील मुर्म्य,सुरकुत्या जाण्यात अत्यंत उपयुक्त्त.

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Gavyatej - Face Pack

it made my skin like butter

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