Sharada - Sarcream

Sarada Sarcream Antiseptic Cream is a multipurpose homeopathic antiseptic cream effective for sun burn, pimples, simple burn, minor cut-injury, dry skin etc. Helps remove skin blemishes and vanish pox marks, also commonly used as beauty antiseptic cream.

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  • 21 gms

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  • sarcream is a charming antiseptic beauty cream that keeps your skin free of blemishes like pimples chicken pox marks and brings back the natural glow of skin.
  • sarcream is used as a soothing antiseptic in post-natal cases. It is perfectly safe to apply on the body of the newborns as well as the mother.
  • sarcream smoothens affections of skin, removes white spot on face, acne vulgaris and various other facial eruptions and its natural brightness by regular use.
  • sarcream is a unique aftershave care against septic conditions arising from cuts during shaving
  • sarcream is used to cure minor sores occurring on the ears of children
  • sarcream is a soothing remedy for all the parts of the body as an antiseptic and a protective round the year. Use sarcream before every night.
  • sarcream is superb to protect skin from sunburn.
  • sarcream has a quick healing effect against minor cuts, wound, burns, scalds, abrasions etc.
  • sarcream is unique for naturalizing chapped lips, cracked nipples, dry skin etc. particularly in winter

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