Natural Agro - Garlic Powder
  • Natural Agro - Garlic Powder

Natural Agro - Garlic Powder

Natural Agro Garlic is a wonderful, and powerful savory addition

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Natural Agro are the Manufacturer of Good Quality Garlic Powder. Garlic is a wonderful and powerful savory addition. It jazzes up many recipes and also contains healing properties. Truly fresh garlic is pungent, white, hard and full of a juicy liquid.  I believe that of the garlic that is sold in stores has gone past its peak (rubbery or soft) and has lost much of its medicinal value. One way to maintain not only its flavor but also its healing powers is to dry it and make it into garlic powder.

We discussed planting garlic last fall. It should be picked when it has four green leaves left on the plant. The leaves will begin to turn brown in the summer—one at a time. I generally pick about eight garlics at a time, bundle them tightly together and tie them with string. I then hang the bundles in a shady, airy place to begin to dry.

Health Benefit of Garlic Powders.

Cholesterol and Heart Disease

Garlic is thought to reduce heart disease risk through several mechanisms -- decreasing cholesterol production, enhancing cholesterol loss in the stool, reducing cholesterol in artery walls, inhibiting blood clotting, reducing inflammation and lowering blood pressure


Garlic has been linked to a reduced risk of several types of cancers. While garlic contains several protective components, the sulfur compounds in garlic are thought to play a significant role in cancer risk reduction


Garlic is proposed to have protective properties against bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses.

Warnings and Precautions

Garlic is linked to several potential health benefits. While garlic powder contains many of the same components as raw garlic, one of the most well known components -- allicin -- is linked to many health benefits but is not present in garlic powder. While garlic can be safe for most people, larger doses can cause breath and body odor, stomach upset, heartburn and sometimes allergic reactions. Check with your doctor about prescription drug interactions if you plan to consume large amounts of garlic or take supplements, as garlic can thin the blood in a manner similar to aspirin

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nice and real garlic

real garlic

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Real Garlic

I love the real flavor of garlic

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