Charak - Extrammune Tablet
  • Charak - Extrammune Tablet

Charak - Extrammune Tablet

Charak Extrammune Tablet Bodyguard and Boost Immunity with Natural herbs in Tablets

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  • 30 tablet

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Immunity or Good Defense of Body is the ability to recognize and destroy disease-causing pathogens. Poor immunity, in generals, has a huge negative impact on the productivity, Immunity is important helpe you from constantly being attacked by the same diseaseover and over again, the body can destroy the pathogen before it can divide enough to cause disease. maintenance of Immunity in Body contributes to both your health, and the health of those around you, as you won't be spreading the disease. As said Prevention is better than Cure. Charak Extrammune Tablet has herbs with Natural Immunity Boosters which helps faster recovery like Trikatu, Haridra, Guduchi, Manjishta and Chitrak they improves the immunity by supporting functions of immune cells, antipyretic and has antiinflammatory property, immunomodulator, bioavailability enhancer, respiratory tonic, recovery from intestinal infection and stimulates phagocytic activity. Also act as a respiratory tonic and has antimicrobial activity.

Effect on Tridosha

Help Reduces Vata and Pita Balances Kapha Dosha


  • Immunity Builder
  • Long-term oral steroid therapy
  • Outbreak of Sesonal Diseases like Typhoid, Malaria, Dengue
  • Pyrexia of Unknown Origin
  • Seasonal outbreaks of infective diseases e.g. Influenza, Typhoid or Malaria


Two to Three Teaspoon twice a day, or as advised by your doctor.


Each tablet contains  Powder of  Triphala Guggul 100 mg, Extracts of Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) Haridra (Curcuma longa) each 250 mg, Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia ) 125 mg, Trikatu 100mg, Chitrak (Plumbago zeylanica) 75 mg

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immunity enhancer

Its a good immunity booster

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