Memory is the process by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved. Encoding allows information that is from the outside world to reach our senses in the form of chemical and physical stimuli. The thinking and intellectual power of brain has an unlimited measureless capacity. Buddhi (intellectual power of brain) is a powerful entity which retains the specific knowledge or the essence of the texts gained by reading, listening or repeating it. It does not only retain the knowledge but time by time whenever needed it has the ability to recall the same. In Ayurveda memory is more related with Buddhi (intellect) and Mana (mind). According to Charaka, Manas (mind) is a separate sense organ and it has many functions, Charaka also mentions mind as the Shada-indriya (sixth sense). Retention of cognition takes place under the area of Medha (power of retention of knowledge / storage device). Whenever there are any stimuli the previously stored experiences come in mind and recollection happens with the help of Smriti (memory or recall). In modern science memory and its processes is still undefined. The Ayurvedic philosophy of Mana (mind), Buddhi (intellect), Atma (sole) definitely plays an important role in the processes of cognition and memory.

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