Natural Agro - Dry Sapota
  • Natural Agro - Dry Sapota

Natural Agro - Dry Sapota

Natural Agro Sapota (Chikoo) is a delicious calorie-rich fruit

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Natural Agro sapota offers numerous benefits for skin, hair, and health – something we have covered extensively in this post.The  wide array of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in the sapota fruit makes it an amazing choice for healthy and glowing skin.

Skin Benefits Of Chikoo/Sapota:

  • Sapota fruit helps to make your skin glowing, thus reducing your requirement of skin care products to enhance your natural skin texture and complexion. The Vitamin E in this fruit moisturizes your skin, thus giving you healthy and beautiful skin. Hence, eating sapota fruit is good for the skin
  • The seed kernel oil of sapota is used as a skin ointment. The residue of this seed, after the extraction of oil, can be applied as a poultice on painful skin afflictio.
  • The milky sap of the sapota plant can be used to remove warts and fungal growth on the skin.
  • Hair Benefits Of Chikoo/Sapota:
  • As we all know, proper supply of nutrients to our body and proper absorption of these nutrients is inevitable for maintaining good hair health. Hair problems are a result of exposure to harmful chemicals, unhealthy lifestyle and inadequacy of certain essential nutrients in our diet.
  • Good For The Eyes:
  • Sapota contains a high amount of Vitamin A. According to research, Vitamin A helps in improving vision even during old age. Thus, in order to get or maintain good vision, you must try eating sapota fruit.
  • Source Of Energy:
  • Sapota is rich in glucose which provide instant energy to the body. Athletes require loads of energy and hence, are recommended to eat sapota fruit.

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Dry Sapota

You will get a natural taste of sapota

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