Dr Jains - Amba Haldi Turmeric Powder

Amba Haldi powder for treating acne and wounds.

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Amba Halad is another variant of good old household haldi or turmeric. This variant has better medicinal properties. The name itself suggests two things – Amba and Haldi. It is almost same as Haldi, but if they are broken and smelt, they smell like a raw mango fruit. So the name Ambahaldi meaning Amragandhi Haldi. (The one which smells like Mango.) It is known as Surnaika, Karpora, Surabhidaru and Padmapatra in Sanskrit.

It’s local action is useful to the health of the skin. It reduces itching, relieves pain and is anti-inflammatory. It is used by beauty parlours in their ‘Bleaching formula’.

It contains a type of oil, in addition to some chemicals. It is more strong than kitchen Haldi, It is bitter, sour and astringent in taste, which stimulate the taste buds. So some make pickles with Ambahaldi. In blood disorders, the intake of Ambahaldi (1-4 gm.) brings cooling effect in body and blood. So it is used as digestive and as an antacid.


  • Skin Problems
  • Burns
  • Cuts injuries
  • Digestive Problems
  • Swellings

Effects on Tridosha

It soothes Pitta and Kafa


It is used externally in the form of paste, applied directly on swollen areas. Or can used after mind heating as part of poultices to be used to heal injuries or muscle sprains. It can be taken internally with other medication to treat many diseases.

Side Effects

There are no side effects of this products unless overdose.


Powdered rhizome of Amba Halad

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skin care

this powder increase my skin tone and glow my face

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skin care

this powder increase my skin tone and glow my face

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Amba Haldi Turmeric Powder

nice product

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