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Hemorrhoids are abnormally enlarged vein or a group of veins at the region of the anus. Hemorrhoids (Piles) are of two types, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. External...

₹ 81.00

Hemorrhoids are abnormally enlarged vein or a group of veins at the region of the anus. Hemorrhoids (Piles) are of two types, internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are present outside the anus and are visible. The hemorrhoids that occur inside the rectum and are invisible are called internal hemorrhoids. Haemorrhoids are most offen referred to doctors only when enlarged, painful and bleeding occurs.

Anal fissures occur due to cracks or tears in the anus. It may occur due to injury. Fistula-in-ano is an abnormal connection between the skin and the anus. Fistula-in-ano can occur due to the previous abscess in the area.

Pylsact tablets are the potent herbal product containing proven herbal ingredients used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. Pylsact tablets are safe and effective herbal drugs. It is also used as an alternative therapy for anal fissure and anal fistula.

Pylsact tablets are effective hemostyptic (arrests bleeding) and relieves pain and itching. It is a safe drug that relieves constipation and improves digestion.

Scientific Information

An effective, safe treatment for haemorrhoids


  • Effective hemostyptic and astringent action to arrest bleeding and itching
  • Potent, yet safe anti-inflammatory and analgesic actions relieve pain
  • Helps digestion and is an excellent stomachic
  • Safely regulates colon due to its mild laxative action; hence prevents straining at stools
  • Potent antibacterial action treats infection at the ano-rectal area
  • Accelerates repair of the damaged tissues and helps shrink and cast off hemorrhoid or the piles mass
  • Powerful restorative and antioxidant action
    • Product Concept

      Pyslact tablets are a potent, safe anti-hemorrhoidal combination of herbs for the treatment of 1st and 2nd degree piles, fissures and an adjuvant to the treatment of fistula in ano. Pylsact tablets contain time tested herbs which are Arshoghna (eliminates piles mass completely). The entire formulation offers potent therapeutic modality directed towards providing faster relief from pain, itching, bleeding, burning sensation associated with hemorrhoids and fissure, and also helps “cast off” piles mass. Pylsact tablets accelerate healing without any adverse effects. Pylsact tablets also help improve digestion and regulate the bowel to prevent constipation and avoid reccurrence or relapse of the condition.

      How it works?

      • Surankand, Nagkeshar, Lajjalu, Haritaki shows action by arresting bleeding and reducing the itching
      • Chitrak, Daruharidra, Bhallatak, Sunthi works by reducing pain, inflammation, digestion
      • Daruharidra, Sunthi, Kali musli, Vidang has anti-bacterial action. They help prevent and treat infections. They also help to repair and heal damaged tissues
      • Nishoth, Triphala, Haritaki acts as colon cleansing agents that helps in removing the toxins from the colon and prevents constipation


      Pylsact tablets are used in the treatment of both internal and external hemorrhoids. It is also an effective treatment for anal fissure. It is also used in the treatment of fistula-in-ano.

      Direction of use

      Adults: 2-3 Pylsact tablets to be taken twice daily for three weeks which needs to be continued on a regular basis. These drugs can also be taken as directed by the physician.

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Millennium Herbal Care - Pylsact Tablets

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