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Benefits of Swarna Bhasma Glowing skin is the result of the skincare. It means you can wear makeup and let the skin shine throughout As defined in the...

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Benefits of Swarna Bhasma

Glowing skin is the result of the skincare. It means you can wear makeup and let the skin shine throughout

As defined in the traditional Basic Ayurveda, Swarna Bhasma is one of the substances which is obtained by the calcination. It is a preparation made out of the gem which is converted into ash known as Bhasma. This is said to contain 90% of the pure gold particles with a crystalline sized nanometer of 28-35 present in it.

Swarna is the Gold and Bhasma is the residue after the incineration, which is mixed with the herds for the treatment related to health conditions like cardiac disorders, respiration, infertility or any sort of poisoning.

Method of preparing the Swarna Bhasma is very innovative

There are diverse types, and methods used in the process of preparation for Swarna Bhasma. The purified leaf is crushed with lemon juice along with a paste of Rasa Sindhura which is a mercurial compound. Afterward, it is kept in an airtight closed container, and heated for a while in high degrees. Even the classic Ayurvedic method is often followed to make it to gold, and give it a therapeutic form, removing the bad effects of the valuable gold.

Quick benefits

Swarna Bhasma is of the most useful substance prepared out of calcination which is highly effective in the following ways to a human body on regular usage.

Heart Diseases are reduced

By simply maintaining the casual flow of the blood to your heart, this prevents some more of heart-related issues. It increases the circulation of blood, detoxifies, and cleanses the arteries in its usual ways.

Cures the Tuberculosis & Treats Cough

The medicinal benefits including the antimicrobial, anti-toxin and antiviral effects on the body do help to fight serious issues like Tuberculosis. Even the mild effects of loss of muscle mass, fever or even any sort of weakness are reduced by this.

Treats depression effectively

Gold ash is one of the best ways to treat anxiousness or lack of attention of irritable nature of even unhappiness, and even isolation which makes a person in depression come out of it and enjoy the flow of life.

Skin starts glowing

 As for anti-aging, and wrinkle-preventing measures, chronic diseases like psoriasis and dermatitis is reduced by this useful substance. It makes your skin glow and flows like anything.

Treats the disorders related to Sex

The sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction or premature disorders is all cured by Swarna Bhasma. The useful properties work as an aphrodisiac to improve the low sperm counts, abnormalities and even improving the stamina along with increasing the fertility rate.

Uses of the Swarna Bhasma

The usability of the Swarna Bhasma is extraordinary. It is being an aphrodisiac which intensifies sexual bond with the partner. It works like an anti-oxidant which measures against the body cells against any sort of radicals. Its antitoxin properties intensify and neutralize body functioning. The anti-inflammatory substance present in it acts as a pain reliever to the human using it. The anti-bacterial features work for the growth and reproduction functioning inside the body.

• For An infant to 5 year old: take 5 mg once a day
• For 5-10 year old: take 10 mg once a day
• For 10-16 years old: take 15mg once a day
• For adult: do not take not more than 125mg (in divided doses)